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NPS® Master moves onwards and upwards

Two years after the NPS® Master market launch it is easy to make the math: zero greases plus zero odours equals triple sales… and a winning bet from the Ocram team, always eager to design the best answer for every challenge.

The NPS® MASTER belongs to the product line developed in 2019 from the patented technology Nano Purifying System®. Its purpose is to drastically reduce greases and odours stemming from the food and baking industry, whether professional, industrial or domestic kitchens. 

The highly effective Master sales in September, more than double the sales of 2019. But this year Ocram expects to triple the sales before the end of 2021 in comparison to 2019. 

As a reminder, the NPS® MASTER has been initially tested with big success to prep and cooking food at Continente Stores, belonging to Sonae group and, since then, installed in all their new stores. Food retailers, such as grocery stores and supermarkets, and restaurants 

became increasingly interested in the product and decided to include Master in their facilities ventilation systems.   

NPS® Master comes in 4 standard models depending on the airflow needed: 2500m³/h – 10.000m³/h. From the infographics below, it is possible to see the sales ratio per model. 


The equipment is installed immediately after the kitchen Hotte, to treat all the airflow coming from the exhaust system and decompose grease particles, thus preventing it from build-up in the ducts. Master neutralizes odours stemming from the cooking area, preventing its spread indoors and surrounding outdoors. 

NPS® Master assembles low pressure, ozone-generating mercury bulbs which disintegrate the grease particles. But, more than a lamp box, the NPS® Master is smart. With a display located close to the working area and the connection to the building’s Central Management System, it is possible to acquire real-time information on several parameters or operation data analysis. 

NPS® Master Applications

  • Industrial and Commercial Kitchen’s Hottes
  • Food and baking Industry
  • Livestock breeding and accommodation
  • Textile or automotive industry

NPS® Master Benefits

  • 4 standard models (2500m³/h – 10.000m³/h)
  • Integrated fans 400º/2h
  • Fire-hazard reduction
  • Odours and grease reduction
  • Low-pressure drop
  • Maintenance and energy consumption cost reduction
  • Integration into the new or existing ventilation system
  • High performance with low investment
  • Suitable to replace conventional electrostatic filters

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