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BIC can be Orange or Cristal, but the AHUs are OCRAM.

Whether in an Orange or Cristal version, memories of generations over the last 70 years were written with a BIC pen. Few small everyday objects have achieved the status of works of art, but the famous BIC Cristal is on display at the MoMA of New York or the Georges Pompidou, in Paris.

BIC’s ball pen history has started with an innovative vision: to create a simple and affordable ball pen writing tool, and address the fundamental need to write, both fast and smooth. The BIC would lend each person the ability to express themselves at their own pace in a low-priced, Cristal clear pen and its unmistakable blue-coloured cap.

But what does BIC have to do with OCRAM? More precisely, with OCRAM’s Air Handling Units?

AHUs are great innovative devices designed to be efficient. But our engineers would not hesitate to identify the machine depicted in the photo as a true masterpiece of their air handling art.

The AHUs, however, are not intended as objects for exhibition but as modular devices to exert an effect and dominate the air we breathe. Therefore, these become essential objects for the well-being of the occupants and the health of all the buildings, with museums included and BIC’s facilities, where the company produces an array of well-known products, like the BIC lighters and shavers.

One of those facilities in France is equipped with three OCRAM’s Eurovent Certified Air Handling Units, delivering 35,000m3 of air per hour each. The devices contain G4 filtration level mixing boxes, as well as water heating batteries.

Each AHU comes with a powerful blue, IE3 ZAbluefin Motor, from ZIEHL-ABEGG with bionic features to achieve perfect acoustics and continuous and efficient airflow.

These simple, practical, and bluish toned Air Handling Units also lend each person the ability to live, think, and remain productive while breathing good quality, fresh air at their own pace.

Blue Motor IE3 ZAbluefin, from ZIEHL-ABEGG.

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