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How OCRAM is making air decontamination easier inside and outside hospitals

Air purifying systems for hospitals are usually complex, heavy and difficult to move. But OCRAM could set in motion a light, compact and portable solution to deliver clean air for the hospital environment, and beyond.

Creativity is the support for survival most of the times but thriving amidst pandemic is like having “to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing wings on the way down”, to use Kurt Vonnegut’s words. Through survival, we will always end more knowledgeable and stronger than before.

Since the beginning of April, OCRAM is producing a movable and compact machine which can easily transform conventional spaces into negative pressure rooms, with the power to eliminate virus and bacteria. The low-cost equipment to prevent cross-contamination is called NPS® Clinical Clean.

The “wings” to build this device grew directly from OCRAM team’s creativity, combined with the experience and the patented technology within our backyard, the Nano Purifying System, often referred to as NPS®. We worked around the clock in the first days of the pandemic to design, prototype the idea, test and start the production. The pressing need for additional spaces to treat COVID-19 patients fed our will, knowing we could make the difference.

The approved and fit to run portable device was ready for the hospital environment two weeks later.

Today, less than two months away, fifty devices are in action, both in public and private hospitals, while some are being tested for units needed. Partnerships with labs and companies already took our technology beyond borders, to hospitals in Spain.

Powerful air filtration is crucial to stop the spread, but most hospitals have scarce numbers of rooms with these systems. Such is the case of negative pressure isolation rooms. But in cities with worst COVID-19 outbreaks, patients rapidly outnumber the rooms available to treat them.

The coronavirus pandemic ended up placing these systems under the spotlight, not only for hospitals but for all spaces of social contact.

Setting the tone for the new normal

While lockdown measures are being gradually eased, medical offices, dental clinics and other treatment spaces need to operate in a secure environment and increase trust among visitors. The NPS® CC is being installed in such spaces, aiding professionals outside the hospital area to create a healthy environment to breathe and reduce contamination possibilities.

OCRAM kept fine-tuning the technology into a more compact, flexible and Optimal solution.  NPS® Optimal is a plug and play device, easy to install in service shops, retail shops, offices, restaurants, schools, daycare, gyms, hairdressers or SPAS, among others, delivering air purification and making social interaction safer when returning to the new normal.

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