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NPS® CC Optimal delivers clean air at Nespresso Stores

Nespresso is a Lovemark. Visiting each premium store is an experience. OCRAM is proud to be Nespresso’s Stores supplier for air purification units on the post-lockdown reopening. The NPS® CC Optimal system is now operating on each of the 16 Nespresso Stores, covering Portugal from North to South.

The overall quality of the NPS® CC Optimal’s solution for indoor air quality has been the reason behind its selection among an array of suppliers. The trustworthy equipment is working to secure a more safe reopening and the return to direct contact with the Nespresso clientele. The system has two major advantages: the accuracy of germicidal lamps eliminating virus and bacteria, and high-efficiency HEPA filters.

NPS® CC Optimal is a powerful ally for many other brands. There are many indoor spaces of social contact relying on OCRAM’s technology for a safer return to normal activity and daily routines. We are happy to provide this same clean air background environment for each and unique Nespresso coffee experience.

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