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SONAE MC invests in the NPS® Master for exhaust systems at Continente Stores

NPS® Master is now operating into 20 stores

Innovation is one of Sonae’s core values and is also part of Ocram’s DNA. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that Sonae has been the first company to understand NPS® Master’s relevance and to test this product that stemmed from Ocram’s innovative strategy towards the air purification segment.
Outcoming from the first contact, in March 2019, ten machines were installed at Continente Stores Exhaust Systems during that same year. Today, throughout the country, NPS® Master is the elected system to neutralize grease and odours in every store’s exhaust system, whether it’s a new one, or a previously existent, renovated one.

The NPS® Master is available in three different versions, each one related to its airflow capacity, between 2500 e os 10 000 m3/h. Positioned after the kitchen’s “hotte”, NPS® Master eliminates grease particles, preventing its accumulation in the duct system and neutralizes odour, blocking its spread indoors and surrounding environment.

NPS® Master

The device is composed of low-pressure, ozone generator Mercury lamps to decompose grease particles. But Master is also a smart system. A display, close to the working area, or connected to Central Management System provides information visualization about features and data from the operation.

It’s a one hundred per cent Portuguese, premium solution.

Sonae’s director for HAVAC Equipments, Carlos Alves, heard about NPS® Master when visiting a fair in Germany. By the time he was wondering for a solution to a specific problem in a store: intense and persistent odours, deriving from the duct system was spreading throughout the houses around the store, causing a complaint in the city council.

That single problem was raising attention to “what could become a general problem across the other stores”, to quote Carlos Alves, “it was a priority to find a problem-solving solution, not only for one but for all stores in the long run!”.

Sonae’s responsible for HVAC Equipments in the Construction and Equipment Direction of Sonae MC, Carlos Alves.

And he ended up being surprised soon after gaining knowledge that the innovative answer was closer than ever imagined, in the headquarters of Ocram, in Portugal. A conversation with the Business Developer from OCRAM has been enough to understand that this was the brand with a credible solution waiting for an implementation opportunity.
Sonae MC is a branch of Sonae responsible for more than 300 food retail stores and a Portuguese leader with over 4,700 Million business turnover. A growth-enhancing cost-effective investment of over 300 Million grants the operation.
The listed demands for product and solutions evaluation stand in 4 fundamental vectors; quality, technical evaluation (fulfilment of requirements), energetic performance (a comparison under similar conditions) and potential cost-saving for the operation (Opex and Capex).
In the first days, for Carlos Alves, “the main problem has been solved. There are zero odours and zero accumulated grease”. The system operates alike in every store: Master, followed by a conventional electrostatic filter and odour neutralizing feature.
Starting from each of the four versions of NPS® Master available, Sonae MC developed projections pointing out to 8000 Euros saved for each installed system after a 10 year operation period, and a payback of under 3 years for each renewal. The rollout for new and exis

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