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NPS® Master receives DTM certification by TÜV

Ocram has just received the official Certification of Conformity from DTM by TÜV, EN 16282-8:2017-12, for the NPS® Master. The product belongs to the air purification product line from Ocram and applies the patented technology Nano Purifying System®.  

Designed to treat the aerosols derived from the baking and food industry, NPS® Master breaks down grease molecules through UV-C radiation. The Master module operation, prepared for seamless integration in the ventilation duct system, is complemented by an external control cupboard.
The action of NPS® Master drastically reduces grease accumulation and odours stemming from professional, industrial or home kitchens. The thorough certification process for compliance with related requirements EN 16282-8 is extensive to installation, operation, security and equipment maintenance.

This certification is a happy outcome for OCRAM’s efforts to create high-performance solutions designed for low investment levels. It also comes as a validation for the high degree of satisfaction already declared by clients who found in NPS® Master a powerful ally to treat indoor air and limit the environmental impact of their operations.

NPS® Master can be of service in environments other than industrial or commercial kitchen Hottes. The all-in-one technology protecting people and products is also the right solution for animal breeding or sheltering facilities and the textile and automotive industry.

This Master version of NPS® is available in 4 standard models [2500m³/h – 10.000m³/h] to be embedded into new or pre-existent ventilation systems and set ready to deliver high-performance at reduced costs for acquisition, maintenance or operation. In addition to delaying grease accumulation and neutralizing odours, Master also tackles one of the biggest causes for professional kitchen fires.

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