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Air Handling Units OcramClima


Air Handling
Units OcramClima

Ventilation – Crucial For Buildings

Global climate change and environmental impacts, with its multiple causes, has been setting comfort and well-being on the world agenda. Among these, indoor air quality is a priority concern.

The ideal comfort is the outcome of smart coordination between the quality of the air introduced in the room and the ability to control its temperature and humidity. The Air Handling Units (AHU) are the heart of this system (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioned – HVAC), pumping air indoors with enough quality to secure the good health of the building and its inhabitants. OCRAMclima AHU’s are also versatile enough to be installed in any space while adapting in shape and size.

OCRAMclima’s Air Handling Units modular design allows a fully integrated system, accommodating different installation needs.

AHU is the device to handle and condition the air stream processed in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC). Connected to the duct system, AHU removes the polluted air from indoor spaces and replace it with clean, fresh and sometimes humidified air, at the right temperature. AHU can also extract or inflate the air directly into the room.
OCRAMclima’s Air Handling Units are smart devices with enhanced performance and optimized process for air cleanliness. The modular design provides the optimal fit for different installation needs or market segments, supported on a wide variety of available sizes and structures.

Plug fan motor IE2 up to IE5
Inlet damper class 2, 3 or 4
Lower deck base frame
Aluminum frame with thermal break
Water coil
Wide range of filters
Wide range of filters
Access doors
Panels with low transmittance
Double chamber portholes
Indoor lighting switch
Pressure gauge for filter monitoring
Shutdown switch

Certified and Trustworthy

MU Range, with Eurovent certification, is a safe investment and responds to a medium to large-scale, energy recovery, ventilation needs.

Better Air Quality. Better Health

OCRAMclima’s Air Handling Units are manufactured with high standards and flexibility to meet each building’s dimensions and needs, assuring optimal conditions for a comfortable, healthy and fresh indoor environment.

Comfort means flexible and smart!

Because no two projects are the same

Because we know that no two projects are the same, we meet every request with tailor-made Air Handling Units. Each AHU is customized to address each building’s specific needs and to suit the space available and the ventilation system.


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