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CMS – Central Management Systems


CMS – Central Management Systems

Smart Solutions For Smart Buildings!

Automation Controls are the foundation for effective management in modern buildings. Initially thought to manage HVAC systems, CMS is now a full-scale solution, holding protocols to manage all the systems in the building – HVAC, security, light, hot water, access, etc. – from a single platform.

Whatever the type of structure and evolution of the building complex, CMS is a functional and scalable answer. CMS renders each building supervisor trustworthy information that will help him to make the right decisions regarding comfort, security and productivity of every inhabitant.

The short-cut to be everywhere!

For professionals who plan and manage buildings, efficiency is an everyday concern. OCRAMclima developed Automation & Control System allows monitoring and control for energetic consumption, enabling an effective economy of all the structures and optimized indoor air quality maintenance.

CMS complies with the most recent directives for Energy Efficient Buildings and Indoor Air Quality. It provides each manager with the power to manage each area of the building as if he could physically be there.

Integration With Air Handling Units

  • OCRAMsolutions CMS is a scalable and programmable solution for compact and modular Air Handling Units;
  • Pre-installed application with all the features, easy to select and configure by HMI;
  • A vast array of communication interfaces for buildings;
  • Management integration;
  • Web Users Interface for remote service.

Climatix Control Technology

A full range of Climatix controllers helps to create a flexible and scalable Central Management System. From standard versions to free coding, controllers fit Air Handling Units, Chillers, fan coil units and high precision air conditioning units or heating and cooling substations. Trustworthy to operate under extreme weather conditions (040 to 70ºC), its modular structure holds I/O communication modules and user interfaces, summing up to a flexible product portfolio.

From a standard control of HVAC for cost optimization to the most demanding technological modular communication systems, you can rely on three different controls families, answering each specific need. It is easy to implement, waives control panel alterations (electrical or mechanical) thus considerably reducing installation, engineering or maintenance costs.





From simple and compact, to modular;

Plug-and-play for standard system;

Easy Integration

Easy programming for equipment customized by the manufacturer

The complete range of intuitive UMI comprises simple displays for users interaction in each space to highly complex interfaces, with extensive visualizations to monitor and connect advanced HVAC equipment.


Wall-mounted HMI is powered wireless to spare costs and time for installation. Comfort regulation is an extremely intuitive task.


All panel mounted versions are efficient, dust and waterproof, and assured easy reading even outdoors. Usually intended for a vast array of visualizations, these hold dedicated layout of different types.

Integrated Management For Buildings

The integrated system places the whole building a click away

  • Plug & Play system;
  • BACS (Building Automation and Control Systems) Integration;
  • Comfort and energy efficiency;
  • Flexible to integrate ins any open communication system;
  • For complete hydronic and ventilation systems;
  • Easy integration with Desigo e Apogée System, from Siemens;

Information Visualization Software

With the CMS from OCRAMclima Solutions, you can visualize the whole building complex and monitor every single space through interaction with a computer, tablet or smartphone.

On the intuitively designed interface of flexible dimensions, we can watch real-time consumption and trends, and visualize data through charts. A group of items are set up with an alarm system, flagging errors and shortening time and distance for maintenance and assistance.


Energy Monitoring
Technological Building Automation
Infrastructure and Maintenance
Space Automation

Automation System for building brings a whole world of possibilities for controlling, monitoring and operational needs. This open solution sets the support to evolve with the life cycle of each building.

  • Program, manage and monitor through the web
  • Monitor and recognize a sophisticated alarm system
  • Use the best products and extend the already installed systems life cycle, independently of the manufacturer or protocol
  • Wired control, monitoring, signalling, database, access control are only examples of global functions allowed by the platform.
  • Manage multiple places and complexes from single system
  • leverage real-time intelligence through connection to energy management installed systems, monitoring interfaces for singular expenditure, tenant billing or others.

Safer, Comfortable and productive
Lower investment and operational costs

Whatever the use of the building – housing, hotel, service, pools, warehouse, public space, commercial, industrial, educational or office – CMS by OCRAMclima Solutions guarantees the best results at the lower cost and compliance with recent legislation for buildings.
Reduces ecological footprint, provides each inhabitant with smarter experiences and prepares each building for the future with the Internet of Things.

Phoenix Controllers – IoT concept

Modular phoenix controllers integrate CMS by OCRAMclima Solutions for buildings, infrastructures and energy with the Internet of Things. Controllers allow the implementation of complex systems efficiently.


Impact life and work of inhabitants

Comfort, security and productivity improvements.

Efficiency And Cost Reduction

Reducing Energy Costs from heating, lighting, ventilation and equipment.
Reduction of the ecological footprint of each building investment management and long term costs.


Whatever The Building, Whatever The Size

Systems to serve any management need – since simple to complex systems.

Engineering Tool

Modular configuration; dedicated module programming and full system integration; HVAC, energy efficiency, load management; access/user management, etc.

One Dedicated Team

OCRAMclima’s team is on the go, putting almost two decades of experience and know-how at your disposal to find the best managing solution for your complex.
Flexible to handle projects, with dedicated programming and in loco installation, we are always available for consulting services and remote assistance anytime.


Talk to us! Get in touch and we will clarify all your doubts as soon as possible.

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