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KT- Compact Air Handling Units


KT- Compact Air Handling Units

Small sizes, big Benefits

Indoor Air Quality has paramount importance to increase well-being, overcome health problems, and enhance productivity and concentration levels.
Whatever the limits of your space are, the investment in indoor air quality
holds safe and future benefits.

Air Quality and Premium Efficiency
Whatever the available space is!


The KT-AHMU range integrates premium technology and holds a controlled size structure.

Recommended for false ceilings and integrable in only 330mm height for its smaller version

Ideal Solution
for Smaller

Compact Air Handling Modular Units are the ideal solution for small stores, restaurants, offices and other indoors without central ventilation systems. KT-AHMU leaves room for furniture, decoration, and people’s movement and services.


Maximum quality, minimum cost

Select through a range of 11 different versions with reduced airflow up to 6500m3/h. High-performance air filtering system secures optimized comfort and indoor air quality for all inhabitants

All units are highly efficient thanks to the counter-current exchangers, preventing energy loss and allowing efficiency recovery of over 80%, reducing operational and environmental costs.

KT-AHMU comply with the highest regulations for energy efficiency, Indoor Air Quality, and Fire Safety.

KT-AHMU goes beyond pre-established requisites for energy efficiency and answers the highest standards for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and fire safety standards.


Best choice when compact Air Handling Unit is needed

Airflows from 500 to 6500 m3/h

Ceiling Installation

Plug & Play - quick and easy installation and operation

Perfect integration for Compact Units with reduced height (330mm-600mm)

Bypass 100% and adjustable (free-cooling)

EC Motor

High-efficiency heat recovery system with counter flow plate heat exchanger, up to 93%

Indoor Air Quality Excellence. Filtration level up to F9 for better IAQ

Exceedance of European Regulations ERP 2018

OCRAMclima Heat-recovery system with high-efficiency counter flow exchanger.


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