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Our commitment to responsibility, innovation, flexibility and quality are at the forefront of the evolution of the OCRAMclima brand.

Marco Lopes

Whether you’re an actual or prospective client, partner, employee, family member or stakeholder, thank you for your interest in OCRAMclima. We take this opportunity to make available to you the information that will help you on deciding how to improve indoor air quality in the spaces where you live, visit or remain. Our passion for clean air and the products we develop are the outcome of our work to exceed your expectations.
We celebrate two decades of existence. 2018 was the moment to be proud of a company that intersects generations and has been conquering the market step by step. We got acquainted with clients’ deepest concerns and made them our own. We deployed our solutions to different latitudes and expanded our vision.
We tested our limits every day. We kept trying and trying over. Failing, failing again, failing better, and succeeding in creating a sustainable and robust ecosystem. Most of all, we worked collectively to build and uphold a trustworthy and reliable company in the long-term.
The Company’s growth and our business volume is a clear demonstration of our execution capabilities and the consequence of a deeper understanding of our own business and our route-to-market. Our updates with fresh and innovative insights, addressing more stable and developed economies, promote our brand farther than before.

Our customers are key stakeholders. Understanding their needs remains crucial for us while developing bespoke solutions. We are bringing new effective products to daylight, making sure we can support the existing clients in the established channels.

We are also mindful of all the other stakeholders we can engage with, from investors and new customers to employees and suppliers. We grasp how we can remain fit to our purpose and collectively energize growth in a changing world.

We are proud to be awarded 3 Seals of Excellence H2020 SME Instrument, received directly from the European Commission, toward NPS® Nano Purifying System is the result of our ongoing research and development in air purification segment. NPS is being installed and forecasted for new projects.

Last year marked the entrance in the Indian market through Serum Institut of India, the world’s largest vaccine company in terms of produced units. Our debut in controlled environments and rooms segment gave greater impetus to company’s operations.

We have been adding significantly to the list of projects both in Portugal and other countries, driving sales volume for pieces of equipment. The largest hospital in Denmark; the plan to expand Norte Shopping; Continental Mabor; Portuguese Institut of Oncology (IPO) of Lisbon; Pescanova; Pulido Valente Hospital, amongst others, are further extending our vast array of references.

Our commitment to continuous efficiency improvements gave reason to start building our nearly finished new facilities in Prado, Braga. The new plant of over 4500 m² will join the production and other departments. The same building will accommodate our ambitious production plans and the development of novel products to be launched while reducing management costs.

Our commitment towards accountability, innovation, flexibility and quality are the font line of VLopes as a group and OCRAMclima as a brand. Those are meaning values where we ground our behaviour and the building blocks of our culture, and we can expect these to remain unchanged. Added to this, our commitment to people in first place and our focus on attracting, developing and retaining the best people.
We are grateful to all those who remained faithful to OCRAMclima brand and expect to maintain business relationships for years to come.


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