IKEA opens new store in Copenhagen

IKEA opens new store in Copenhagen

In 2021 we highlighted Ocram Clima’s participation in the oasis project, which the new IKEA sought to set up in Copenhagen with the construction of a store that ultimately opened its doors on the late 16th of August, after a long-anticipated wait.

Featured image credits: Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter

An architecturally open project, set in a splendid location that truly justifies the expectation. Quite distinct from the classic blue warehouse of IKEA, the newly inaugurated store is a product of the creative flow of Dorte Mandrup, named Monocle’s Architect of the Year in 2022 for her finesse and fluidity in seamlessly integrating each building into the surrounding landscape.

Accessible by train or bicycle, the new IKEA in Vesterbro is, as promised since the project kicked off in 2015, light and green. The building, located with direct access to Dybbølsbro Bridge, is now part of Copenhagen’s coolest district.

The public access terrace also serves as a pedestrian pathway and a tribute to biodiversity. A curtain-inspired facade gives a sneak peek into a spacious living room with big glass panels, white surfaces, and plenty of green plants.

Air Quality by Ocram

“We described many of the building’s specific features in the article we published here where we announced Ocram Clima’s contribution to the project. We supplied 12 custom-designed Air Handling Units to match the project’s ambitions. “Efficiency is the guiding principle in these units, tasked with delivering between 10,000m³ and 36,000m³ of treated air every passing hour within the new IKEA space.” Achieving Eurovent-certified performance, with minimal energy consumption, to ensure a comfortable temperature and fresh air for extended visits to IKEA.

Ocram responded to the ventilation for the entire building, encompassing a parking basement, a three-story warehouse, rooftop garden, utility facilities, and personnel building.

Photo credits: KI Consulting Engineers

24 October 2023


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